"The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more."
- Charlie Munger
RAIC's vision is to create an entry-level platform that offers an easy path to investment by creating personalised education and an investment program that anyone can use. Below is a list of our services on offer, but not limited to:

RAIC offers Alternative Investment Opportunities

Alternative investments are non-traditional investments that exist outside the more conventional asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash. They are generally less volatile than traditional investments and have a low correlation with the stock market. Therefore, alternative investments are useful for portfolio diversification and to avoid the significant investment risks posed by fluctuating markets.

RAIC offers a broad range of alternative investment opportunities allowing investors to create wealth in an area of interest. These areas range from general residential and commercial developments, to a health and lifestyle centre, mines and quarries, among others. To find out more about our current alternative investment opportunity, click here.

RAIC is an Asset Manager

Asset management is the process of securing, maintaining and disposing of tangible and/or intangible assets in the most cost-effective way possible.

RAIC carries out these activities on behalf of clients, providing tailored recommendations based on the particular goals and unique financial health status of each client.

RAIC is an Investment Manager

Investment management is a specific type of asset management. It is the professional management of securities, such as shareholdings and real estate, in order to meet specified investment goals.

RAIC applies its expert knowledge of investment costs, risks and performance attributes to each client’s circumstances with the goal of generating wealth and creating a passive income for the client.

RAIC is a Fund Manager

In a managed fund, an investor’s money is pooled together with other investors. A fund manager then buys and sells assets on the investor’s behalf. This is advantageous because an investor receives the benefit of being able to pool their assets while maintaining a distinct individual interest in the asset, proportionate to their investment.

RAIC offers a specialised and distinct fund management service with a unique dual return profit structure. This means your money is used to secure fixed interest returns on your funds as a loan AND a percentage of direct ownership in the asset. This dual return structure is unique to RAIC; it is not offered by other fund managers.

RAIC offers Investment Opportunities in Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure is the set of systems, facilities and services required for an economy to function properly and sustainably. Infrastructure projects can be good investments because areas such as mining see heavy increases in profitability during periods of market instability.

RAIC offers investment opportunities in a diverse spectrum of infrastructure projects, including a rail and road logistics park, mines and quarries.

RAIC Provides Venture capital

Venture capital is a type of financing provided by funds to early-stage companies in exchange for equity in the company.

RAIC provides venture capital to companies and startups that have high long-term growth potential. This capital is provided at various stages of the project’s evolution and plays a crucial role in promoting innovation and development

RAIC Funds Social Enterprises

RAIC is passionate about funding projects in underprivileged countries to incite social, economic and environmental development.


Creating a passive income is the ultimate goal of every investment plan and how you can secure your financial future and impact your lifestyle today. If your goal is to invest to make money then you should be investing in businesses that make you money! Sounds simple, but what holds people back is not knowing how to manage a business, what type of business to invest in or how to set up a business.