Modern World- The Great Opportunity

March 27, 2020
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Opportunity always comes from disaster and upheaval. It is all about how you interpret the situation around you.

Today, I want to talk about more than financial rewards. Let us talk about bringing the world into the modern age. We live in a time when authors theorised about portable computers in our pockets, recreational flights to space, teleportation, flying & electric cars.

The future… is now. Now i am not sure if, in some secret lab hidden away, there might be some government lab coats working on teleporting a mouse from here to there (that poor mouse truly gets a hiding, extra ear and all 😉) however, all of the other predictions we have, with the introduction of driverless uber drones, smart phones, Branson, and Musk… I present to you… the future, my friends! However it does not feel very sci-fi. Where is the upgrade in quality of life that comes with all this new high-grade tech?

The issue is the industrial era working environment mentality that subsists: the rigid 9 to 5 work day. Managers carrying a billy club, asking inane questions to judge your productivity is an antiquated way to conduct business. In this modern world, where computers are our phones, calls and texts are unlimited and a social conscience has basically been genetically bred into us, these old school management tactics are archaic.

In my companies I do not have set hours, nor set locations. I believe in the people I hire. After all, I hire adults, I should not have to monitor them. I find that I am more productive working from a cafe than I am working in the office. Probably doesn’t help that I am clearly the most distracting person in my office. Haha. I know some of my staff like to work under a tree in the park and one of them likes listening to heavy metal music, which makes him at least 5 times more productive. (Don’t ask, I don’t get it either).

The old ways of the 9 to 5 work day does not work for a few reasons. Chief amongst them is the fact that, with modern technology, most tasks are accomplished at least five times faster than they were 40 years ago. What you find now, given a task, an employee will stretch that task out to last the entirety of their day. If you give that same employee results-based targets and tell them that they can do whatever they like as long as those results and targets are being hit, productivity will shoot through the roof, and you are now engaging them at their full potential.

I found that once I implemented this, my staff were not running out the door as soon as they had met their minimum targets. Instead, they were finding more ways to add value to the business. You have to remember that you are dealing with adults, not kids in school. Adults want to work, we enjoy it. Work makes up 50% of our social engagement.

Actually, I found that as soon as I told my staff they could work from anywhere they wanted and did not need to come into the office, everyone kept turning up. Haha. The office became the social glue of the company, not the anchor.

The opportunity now with the world being quarantined is that companies are being forced to move online. One example of this, Zoom (not a sponsored ad!) is great for boardroom meetings, but also for talking with your customers and clients. We use this to conduct appointments with our investors at home. It saves on travel time and costs, which makes our investment consultants so much more productive as they can see double the number of people in a day. Google Hangouts is also another great example. It can be used for company group chats, which is a great way of running conversations with your team. You can have a few of these running: one for the whole company, one between specific teams working on projects and one between all the catty people who want to complain about the boss or the silly thing “Shelly” said in the Zoom meeting 😜. The courts have even turned to Skype to conduct the business of putting adults in a time out 😉.

There is a clear benefit for companies with increased productivity that comes from utilising modern technology, but the biggest benefit I see is the improved quality of life that this can bring to everyone. We live in a world now where we do not need to be confined to the office like it is a prison sentence. By implementing a modern process plan, people will feel more valued. They’ll feel that their time is appreciated and they can start living more life. They’ll have the ability to start late for the day because they are feeling a bit off or to leave early to see their daughter’s recital. They’ll be able to take the day off because a friend is in town.

My opinion is that as long as the work is getting done and being done well, I do not care where, how or with whom my team do it.

It is not just work life that is made easier with modern technology; every aspect of life is made easier. One of my favourite lifestyle apps right now is Chris Hemsworth’s fitness and wellbeing app, Centr. Not only will this app give you workout plans so you can become the new Thor, but it is designed for all levels, from beginner through to advanced. What really appeals to me, personally, is that Chris has included mindfulness routines and even recipe plans. As if the world did not already love this guy enough!! But in light of the COVID-19 lockdown, Chris has also made his app free to trial for six weeks — the predicted timeframe that people will be locked in. A really big hats off to you, Chris. This is a great example of what it means to be a human. One species, one voice, my friends.

Guys, that is it from me today. Be safe, be well, be the future! Have a look at Centr, our friend, Chris’ app and plan for his Nobel Prize or election to world emperor at some point because really… where does he go from here?

Peace out guys

Shaun Fox

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