Proof the World Can Be Green and Stop Global Warming – From a Capitalist

April 22, 2020
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I think COVID-19 and good old Mother Earth has shown us that if we want change, just do it.

Hello readers

I hope I find some new friends with my green article today.

Today is Earth Day. And what a day it is for Earth! If there was ever a way to prove a point about the damage our industries are doing to the planet, this is it. Water has never been cleaner; the sky has never been bluer, and Italians have never sung as much on their balconies.

This is a time when we need to review how we run our planet, gang. There is an abundance of new ready-for-market technologies that replace everything to do with oil and coal power. There has been great speculation about how bad a world recession would be if we pulled the switch from using fossil fuels to clean energy... Well, friends, the result is probably not as bad as what we are seeing right now, that is for dang sure. Haha. The economy has come to a grinding halt. If we stopped the global economy for a few months to overhaul our power plants and refineries, it would still not be as economically devastating to the population as our current state. At least all the hospitality and service industry workers would be working. Old refinery workers would be repurposed to help build the new technologies.

We have proven that we can ground the world’s planes and, amazingly, no one starved to death (at least, not specifically as a result of grounding our global fleet). We can retrofit the world, which I would say could take three to six months. Sure, things would suck a little, but definitely not as much as home isolation and no bruschetta does right now. We would still have our normal day to day life to live unlike now, but better yet, the world would have its actual life.

I am a capitalist through and through – cut me and I bleed green, blow my nose and coins come out, but that does not make me a bad guy. That does not mean I would rather profit than do good. And green energy is not a hippy dippy rolling-in-the-mud-daisy-chain-making process. There is monster money in green energy, we even have technologies out there that could take us to orbit with no fuel!

I think COVID-19 and good old Mother Earth has shown us that if we want change, just do it. We could be a truly green planet within two years. I know this for fact now. It takes 18 months to build a green waste-to-energy plant, and we have proven the human race can work together. There is already a huge movement by governments into green energy. I am involved in 20 waste-to-energy projects here in Australia. Government loves it. They will not pay for it, but they will approve someone else to build it.

I think there is a lot lost in translation. People hold the power. I am not talking about overthrowing government (although I would look amazing in purple, just saying) and I am not taking aim at government. They are just a group of dudes elected to make sure we don’t turn into Atlantis for their three-year term. Think of countries as a poorly run companies (not you, Singapore, you win. If any of you do elect me emperor at some point, can it be of Singapore? They are crushing it). The government does not really care about the direct profitability of a project that is proposed; they will approve it if it is feasible, clean, and needed. It is up to us, as capitalists, to propose these ventures and fund them. “But Shaun, you say, I’m just a human with no real power, no one will listen to me.” Or “Shaun, I’m just a hippy and I hate money”. COVID-19 has proven that we all have the power, let’s shut it down. Let’s shut it all down and build all of this replacement infrastructure. Let’s not look at the bottom-line losses in big business – we are seeing those now. Let us draw a line in the sand of global wealth, require all governments to support the economic bubble for a few months and be green (not just the green of currency but the colour of grass. I mean, for crying out loud, if the hippies* can organise a day where they can smoke 420, surly we can help the planet heal).

Well that got rant-y fast now, didn’t it! Haha.

*Disclaimer: no hippies were hurt in the creation of this article; only organic substitutes were used 😉 (nahh, love you smelly guys xx).

Live long and prosper, friends. Or at least get some walks in now, before all the engines get turned back on.

Shaun Fox 

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